Kids love to buy new things and the same is true for shoes. They love new shoes but seldom take care of their shoes. You have to take care of kids shoes more than anything else because new clothes and stuff are easy to replace, but when it comes to shoes, buying new shoes uses a good portion of your budget.

Taking care of kids' shoes is a difficult task and this scenario is much worse in Winter. In Summer, chappal shoes for kids are easier to wash and dry with the scorching summer heat. But in Winter, it is not simple to keep shoes dry. The best guide to take care of kids’ shoes during winter is compiled here for your ease. So, read on and find some fascinating tips to keep your little chipmunk’s shoes safe.

Most Problematic Kids Shoes in Winter

Kids are notorious for playing tirelessly, no matter the season. In Summer, taking care of shoes casual is no big deal. But winter shoes – well it is almost a nightmare. Winter shoes like loafer shoes and sneakers are made of leather, which is easy to get dirty and damp.

Therefore, a proper shoe-care kit is a must to get for winter’s shoe-caring mission. The other tips and tricks according to the type of shoe you have in mind are discussed ahead.

School Shoes: The most Difficult

Kids go to school daily. School is like an eternal play area for your little darlings and school shoes getting dirty is inevitable. School shoes require daily care, even if you bought the best shoes in Pakistan; and expensive ones, the requirement will remain the same. If you are a mother of a boy, then the boys school shoes are more difficult to maintain. 

You need not worry. You will find shoe polish in the shoe care kit along with a bristle brush. Start with rubbing the brush roughly to remove loose dirt off the shoe. After that, put some polish on the brush and properly rub the brush this time. 

If you sniff a bad smell, then sprinkle bicarbonate soda overnight. This will eliminate the foul odor.

Loafer Shoes: The Trickiest to Keep Dry

There are a few winter shoe types that get easily wet and are difficult to keep dry and clean. These shoes contain cushioning, which dampens quickly. When kids play in loafer shoes, they do not care if they run in puddles or swamps, they will play! So keeping these shoes clean and dry will be a bit more difficult than others.

Start with instructing your kid to not land in a puddle, but this won’t be much promising. The best idea is to waterproof such shoes by applying waterproofing sprays available in the market. This will heavily reduce the chance of these expensive shoes getting wet.

If the shoe is already wet, then avoid using dryers or other electronic appliances. It’s better that you put crumbled newspaper in the shoe and put it under sunlight or any place where humidity is less.

Sneakers: Toughest to Keep Clean

Among all the shoes footwear in town, the most difficult baby shoes are sneakers, to keep dry and clean. Sneakers are the most renowned boys shoes, after boots. These Shoes for boys are the easiest running shoes, making them best for boys and playful girls as well.

You can start the cleaning mission by using the bristle brush available in the cleaning kit. Then use the shoe wax polish to clean up the remaining stains. This will provide a long-lasting shine to your kid’s sport shoes.

Tricks to Keep Shoes for Kids Protected in Winter

Use Waterproofing Spray

Waterproofing your kid’s shoes is the best practice to elongate the lives of their shoes. You can easily order online or purchase in-store a good quality waterproofing spray from the market. You can also keep safe the formal shoes of your little ones with this remedy.

Keep Boots Dry

The next extremely important remedy is to keep the shoes for kids dry because wet shoes easily catch dirt. So, keeping boots dry will reduce their chances of becoming dirty. It is a known fact that girls hate to wear wet shoes and may even divorce their shoes after experiencing wetness in their shoes. So, keeping girls shoes dry requires more attention and care.

The procedure is simple; put clusters of newspaper inside the shoes and put them near a fire or stove. You can also put the shoes in front of a heater, placed in your living room.

Use Shoe Polish

This is a widely known remedy. This new age has brought new products and updated material to improve outcomes and reduce hard work. You simply need to grab a shoe kit containing wax polish, a mini brush, a mini shiner, and a mini shoehorn. This shoe polish is miraculous in cleaning shoes of all kinds; ranging from casual Shoes to sports shoes. This shoe kit will not only keep your shoes clean but also bring radiance and shine to the shoes.


Keeping your kid’s shoes clean is a common practice. But, these shoes require more care than just cleaning. You have to keep monitoring the condition of the shoes of your little ones on a daily basis. The shoes for girls are relatively easier to maintain than boys’ shoes. The shoes bought from the Pakistan top shoes brand will also require relatively less attention than the others.

The rules are simple: keep shoes dry and clean. You can easily do the drill using the best shoe-cleaning kit that is widely available on the market at this age. The remedies are simple and well researched, just follow them and extend the lives of your kids’ shoes.